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                                                                  South Sea Pearl Center

CC-Pearls is active since 1975 in the jewellery business and consists of the divisions „ South Sea Pearl Center " , "CC-Design" and "CC-Couture". In the 33-year-old history of the enterprise pearls have always had a high value: South Seas Cultured Pearls, Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls, Chinese Cultured Pearls  at the highest quality level. The direct connections with the pearl farms all over the world were expanded and intensified by a consistent and consequent business policy,  what is reflected in range and quality of the pearls offered up to highend qualities.

I. Pearls of all kinds and Pearl-Jewellery

First of all the precious and highgrade Southsea-Pearls (Australia and Tahiti) and Chinese Cultured Pearls.Highlights of our collections are: necklaces/colliers and loose pearls in top-qualities,  brown and pistacycolour Tahitipearls, multicolour-colliers and goldencolour pearls in different colour tones, matching perfectly.

From our „CC-Design -Studio“ also come highgrade and very fashionable colliers with matching clasps, also beautiful pearl-jewellery with white and golden colour Southsea-Pearls, Tahitipearls and with perfect Chinese Cultured Pearls with Gold or Platin as well as finest white and golden colour diamonds.

II. Jewellery in Gold/Platin with Diamonds and Precious      Colour Stones

Moreover comes from our „CC-Design -Studio“ beautiful highgrade jewellery in 18K gold, platin and finest diamonds (pendants, brooches, colliers, earrings, ringes) with wonderful precious colour stonesr: aquamarin, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, as well as colour diamonds and pink sapphire etc.. Have yourself  being inspired by the variety of beautiful colours and designs!



III. Clasps in 18K/750 Gold with Diamonds and Precious       Colour Stones

Another highlight of our jewellery lines is a comprehensive selection of  Clasps of all kinds in 18K gold with diamonds and precious colour stones. A special attraction here are the clasps with the patented bajonet system, either as  intermediate part of a collier or as bead clasp, all with bajonet-system. These clasps are so beautiful that they must be worn only in front, and they will change every  pearl- or collier-necklace in a unique design.


CC-PEARLS presents its newest creations at the most important international jewellery fairs:

Ambiente/Tendence Frankfurt -  Intergem Idar-Oberstein and others.